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Life of Pi Film Reveiw

Life of Pi is about a young man who survives a disaster at sea and is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure, survival and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor.

This film is very religious, in terms that Pi’s mum is a Hindu, his dad has strong atheist views along with his older brother. Where as Pi uses religion to help him survive. Also the presence of another survivor helps keep Pi alert and diminishes all other dangers he faces.

In term of the characters personality his (Pi) dad is very confrontational with the choices Pi makes as a young boy and makes sure he teaches Pi essential life lessons that will guide Pi in the future.His mother is very supportive in what Pi wants to do in life but tends to agree with her husband on many occasions. Pi’s older brother follows/listens to his father and often teases Pi about the choices Pi makes in life. He regularly relies on his dad to step in if Pi is disobeying his father’s commands leading to danger.

Ang Lee, the director has turned Yann Martel’s master piece into a elaborate film fit for Hollywood, he uses intricate detail to emphasise Yann Martel’s message in the book is about struggling to survive through seemingly insurmountable odds. With out this desire to live and evolve humans would of died, Ang Lee faced the problem of portraying this while not destroying the meaning of the book. I would say Ang Lee successfully portrays the meaning in a positive light as a result of this it was easier to understand.

Overall this film has done Yann Martel’s book justice and credit to Yann Martel for a fantastic book that we can all now see on the big screen.I would rate this film a four out of five.


  • I think your review is very good because you’ve written it in a typical review kind of way. However, to improve I would say you need to talk a little about the director and his history as some of your ‘audience’ would like to know what the film might be like.

  • Hello,

    You have tried to use the structure of the model reviews and you write with confidence about the director. I agree with Sky, I think there could be more room for your own personal response.

    1) Re-read your second paragraph, your sentences are too long. Where should your commas and full stops be? Why?
    2) re-read you logline – how might you edit this to be more concise?
    3) have you read the book? You should try it.

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