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EBA Awards

To follow are the official results of the EBA Awards for December 2012. Invented by Gabriel, these awards are designed to celebrate excellence, creativity and innovation in Year 8 Blogging.


Voted for by the students themselves, everyone gets one watchmark for every vote they receive, and the winners of each category get 5 watchmarks. The top 4 blogs also get promotion on their peer’s blogs, and get profiled for 14 days on the Edutronic front page.
The winners are:


  1. Gabriel’s English Blog
  2. Henry’s English Blog



  1. Gabriel’s English Blog
  2. Meshach’s English Blog



Conratulations to everyone involved!



Mr Waugh

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Juliet Finds Out

Juliet begs the Nurse to tell her the grave news Nurse finally gives in and tells Juliet that Tybalt was slain by her husband Romeo and he has been banished from Verona to Mantua.Juliet sobs about Romeo then Tybalt then Rome and so on so forth.Her parents organise for her to marry County Paris when told she said she does not love Paris her love is Romeo. When this was heard by Capulet he went mad and said he will not claim her if she did not marry Paris on the Thursday. After Capulet storms out the Nurse gives advise that she pretends to love paris and marry on Thursday even though she has already been married by the person who is going to marry Paris and Juliet.
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Mercutio’s Last Stand

Mercutio meets Benvolio and Balthasar then Tybalt and his kinsmen arrive at the beach, they exchanged words and Tybalt made an insult to Mercutio.The fight was held up when Romeo slowly tried to confess he was related to Tybalt.The fight continued after this confessions and soon after sharing blows Romeo stops Mercutio from continuing the fight and gets shot he then dies.Tybalt runs away only to be chased down by Romeo, the car chase finishes in front of the two houses where the cars crash and Romeo uses Tybalt’s own gun to kill him outside, the gunshot is heard by Juliet.

This is recovered from the film

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Romeo trespasses

Romeo has trespassed into the house of the Capulet for the party and has seen Juliet then when they are alone Romeo gets a closer look through a fish tank.

This information has come from the film my class is watching.

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A interpretation between the book and the film could be the swords in the play are represented by guns in the film.This is probably because the film is supposed to be modern and in this day many guns are used.This adds to the film as it is engaging with the day and age we live in.

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Romeo’s first glance

Romeo is trespassing in the house of Capulet. He falls in love at first sight with a girl he sees at the masked ball after previously arguing with Benvolio (his cousin) that Rosaline is the prettiest lady ever to be made.

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Romeo finds out

Romeo finds out that Rosaline(Capulet guest) is going to the Capulet party. He sees this oppotunity to express his feelings for Rosaline.

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What does shakespeare mean by fate?

I think fate is a mental and psychological thing that people believe in if an event happens and for some reason they was not at the scene of the accident because of a delay or they survived the accident they claim it was down to fate or destiny. However in the day of Romeo, fate was what God had intended for you.


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