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Jacobean Era

In the Jacobean era women were played by young boys as their voices were still tender and high but were not masculine. Also women in the Jacobean era were view as weak, less powerful and less ambitious than men and it was unheard of for a woman to be involved in high society like politics and acting so they were meant to bear capable,healthy children while being a housewife or they were classed as witches and useless (try telling that to Lady Macbeth). Men were expected to go into battle and help produce sons to serve the country when needed otherwise they were classed as weak and feeble.

In terms of religion the country followed whatever religion the monarch was, and if they opposed the teachings of the religion or criticized the religion itself they would be executed. At this time people were very superstitions and would believe absolutely anything to fit in with the crowd including ghosts and witches, because if you didn’t you would be frowned upon and discarded from society.

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  • Some good points that you could consider in your response to authorial intent.
    ‘Try telling that to Lady Macbeth’ – well said. If Lady Macbeth doesn’t have any children would she at least be considered a housewife? If so – was she a good one? Or is she on the verge of being judged by an audience as a witch or useless?
    ‘Fit in with the crowd’ – Would the audience really believe that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth were truly persuaded by the witches or just using it as an excuse? Would the audience have believed that the witches were telling the truth and therefore Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s fate were somehow controlled?
    Just some ideas to consider in how and why Shakespeare has created the characters in the way he has.

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