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Showing V.S Telling

Close up
Extreme close up
Mid shot
Long shot
Extreme long shot

I picked a close up shot because you can see in depth the character emotions or feeling and it seems more realistic. for example if you have a close up picture of Sherlock when he is shocked his facial expressions show that emotion, using that photo we can deduce the particular emotion with the help of his facials parts and their shape/position. Many close ups used can tell us a lot about the characters personality also it may help tell the audience part of the scene. An example of this would be if the emotion is scared the scene may be very sinister or have a dark tone/feeling.

(P.S I had difficulty uploading a picture.)

1 Comment

  • Hello Meshach,

    You are using some specialist terminology and you have explored the purpose of your chosen shots.

    Your meaning is very clear and I can see that you have developed some of your visual analysis skills.

    How might the selection mise en scène help to show the personality of a character? How has this been done in your chosen shots?

    This is the second homework I’ve marked for this task – I think there might be a problem with uploading images to blogs. Could you bring in a copy of the images or email them to me?

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