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To start off my planning I will analyse the way John Wyndham sets the scene,vocabulary how he entices the reader to continue reading using cliffhangers
As the book set in the Cold War were nuclear warfare seemed to be inevitable which is a significant event in modern world historyas nuclear weapons could destroy the face of the world I will set mine in the time of the Afghanistan war where homosexual people are looked down upon like the mutants in this book.

Being in first person it gives a wider view of what is going from the main characters view as we feels his emotions however we know stuff he doesn’t(dramatic irony). Whereas if it in third person we would have more opinions and emotions, personally for me it would be more confusing.

A few ideas to start off my story:
On the cold wispy day that was the memorial of Afghanistan a new problem has emerged homosexual men and women have been found out, the government has set squads to hunt down these mutants however there is a way out for these misfits where homosexual marriage is legal and safe ,FRANCE

The year is 2058 and rations have been introduced to stop energy emissions
My name is kandice and this is the new age. My world was like any until the rations forcing the UK to live as if we were in the slums.


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