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May 20, 2013 - Communication    1 Comment

Untold story

I am going to put myself in the shoes of uncle axel for the untold story

my story will be about the fourth time uncle axel leaves waknuk to discover the world

“What is the world like uncle axel”
There are many places still to be found waknuk seems small by most other cities/villages like London if we are going to expand we need to get rid of this deception rubbish I have seen this on a full blown scale we need to move on from this segregation of killing innocent humans is not right.
When I went around the world with my crew to see executed people hanging from ropes.
“But uncle axel wouldn’t the world be a better place with no mutants”

This is the way everyone wants you to think but how can we claim to pure if we are always killing innocent crops,animal and people it is not their fault they have a minor or major problem the problem lies with us.


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